Recent Presentations

25 September 2019: Langner, Laura A., Equal Earnings Pursuit – The Pathway to Parental Life Satisfaction? Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies Conference, University of Potsdam.

19 July 2018: Langner, Laura A., Gershuny, Jonathan, A New Comparative Earnings Potential Measure to Study Mobility, SOEP User Conference, Berlin.

11 June 2018: Langner, Laura A., Dual Career Pursuit – The Pathway to Parental Life Satisfaction?, Humboldt University, Berlin.

17 October 2017: Langner, Laura A., Who pays the price for their partner’s career?, CLOSER Conference, London.

12 July 2017: Langner, Laura A., Are you paying the price for your partner’s career?, Understanding Society Scientific User Conference,University of Essex, Colchester

10 October 2016: Langner, Laura A., Flexible Men and Successful Women, University of Oxford, Department of Sociology – Seminar Series.